Guttering clearing and maintenance

Autumn – one of the most beautiful times of year as golden leaves fall from trees.

Not so great for your gutters. These will soon fill up with those beautiful leaves and as the autumn storms begin to come in they could cause a blockage preventing rainwater from draining away as it should.

For just £45 you can have your gutters fully cleared and cleaned. And if there are any faults with brackets or the guttering itself, this can easily be fixed at the same time for a small additional fee.

You’d be surprised what else can be found in gutters, so don’t rest on your laurels if you’re not surrounded by trees – moss build up that has fallen from the roof, general dirt, bird nests and even even tennis balls can block the gutter and prevent it working effectively.

Gutter clearing and maintenance will also clear off your flat roofs and check your downpipes for blockages

For a professional, reliable and friendly service contact us today – we can also do general maintenance and repairs on your home. We’re fully insured and you can trust us to do the job well.

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