The Closet at William Harvey Hospital

The Closet at William Harvey Hospital

The Closet was set up a year ago now and we provide clothing to needy patients who have nothing of their own when they are being discharged from hospital.  A wide range of people benefit from The Closet, as people find themselves in hospital without their own things for a number of reasons. Examples of those we help may be the older patient who is being transferred from hospital to a new residential setting or nursing home (and have no clothes to wear of their own), the homeless  person who  needs a few extra items  before they go on their way, as well as those who have been transferred out of their area for urgent treatment.

How does The Closet work?

The way it works is that I take donations of clothes in from all sorts of people, mainly colleagues, friends, neighbours etc, and we advertise on local neighbourhood social media  pages to spread the word.

Once  donations come in I take them home, inspect them, launder and steam them, and then  place them into the Closet for use by  our patients. We only use the very high quality clothing that is donated and we are scrupulous in our selection.

Since July last year it has grown a little and there are two smaller  closets in  operation  on the medical floor and in A and E.

How is The Closet funded?

We have been lucky enough to have raised a few hundred pounds recently this year via Waitrose in Hythe coin drop boxes at the tills, which enabled us to purchase brand new   clothing and much needed underwear.  Our Trust charity the Friends of William Harvey have also been very kind in gifting us cash donations to boost our purchasing ability.

Primarily  The Closet is voluntary lead and funded, and we are always looking to raise money and indeed awareness as  much as possible in order to  develop  our project and keep it sustainable for as long as possible.

How can I donate?

Donations can be dropped into the donation boxes at William Harvey Hospital if you are visiting there. Alternatively, donations can be collected. Brand new underwear is always especially welcome.

For further information, or to donate, please visit our Facebook page  titled   The Closet #clothesforpatients  and follow what we’ve been up to over the past twelve months. We also have a Twitter page, same name as above. Alternatively, please contact the handbook either by phone on 01303 266755 or email and we will put you in touch with the organisers directly.

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