What are the handbooks?

The handbooks are A5 community magazines, which are delivered directly through the door local community.

Publishing for the over 14 years, the handbooks are well known, liked and trusted.

Within the handbooks, there is additional useful information, such as local clubs and societies, useful numbers and what’s on – so people really do keep hold of the handbooks, resulting in a great response for our advertisers.

Why advertise within the handbooks? 

We’ve been publishing the handbooks for over 10 years now, and most of our advertisers have their advert included in every edition; why? Because it works – having their advert in the handbooks gets their telephone ringing.

We deliver the handbooks directly through the door of the local community. That means, when our readers are looking for a product or service, your phone number is right there in front of them, in their home. People like things to be straightforward, so if they’re looking for a company to do some work for them, they’ll be very likely to call the phone number they already have in front of them – particularly because our readers know, like and trust the handbooks. By association, they feel the same way about the company’s that advertise with us.

Some of the regular feedback from our readers… 

“I wanted to call and say how useful the handbook is. It’s an excellent read and I know that I can feel confident using any of the advertisers in it”.

“We’ve just moved to the area and have found the handbook so useful – really pleased we’ve got it through the door”.

“Thank you for your recent article on jobs around the home – I was able to tick a number of things off my to do list”.

And from our advertisers…

“I have been advertising in the handbooks for a long while now, and would like to confirm I get more calls from it than I ever did from my newspaper advertising. I think it’s because people keep the handbooks in their homes, whereas the newspapers get recycled. Whatever it is, it’s working – please keep my advert running”.

“The handbooks have been marvellous for our business; some of our best customers have come from there”.

Interested in including your business in the handbooks?

Just call 01303 266755 and we’ll get it arranged for you.

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