Meet the beautiful game’s slower cousin

Everyone has heard of the beautiful game, football. Not so many have heard of walking football, but it’s exactly what is says it is. Football. Just at a much slower pace. And it’s growing in popularity worldwide with a Euros tournament planned in London in 2019 and a World Cup in 2020.


As well as being slower paced, the rules are also different. It’s a non-contact sport, so no slide tackles or shouldering, balls are not allowed above the head, so no headers, a kick in takes the place of a throw-in, and there’s no offside.


Anyone can play, but in particular it’s a great way to keep fit for older people, people with health problems like obesity or diabetes sufferers, or those who have had to give up full-paced football due to injury. It improves fitness levels, gets people involved in social activity and generally improves health and wellbeing.


The Folkestone Walking Football Group is led by Steve Rich at Folkestone Sports Centre. It’s just £3 per session and anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to turn up and play. Booking isn’t required.


Sessions are on Thursdays:

  • 12-1pm for slower paced players with disabilities or suffering from health-related problems
  • 8-9pm is more competitive, aimed at more able players


To find out more about this national phenomenon, which is as structured as its cousin, visit and

For more information about the Folkestone group call Steve Rich on 07990 976462.

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